The Problem with Foodstamps           

               I have worked at a grocery store for nearly four years now, and in that time I’ve come to realize something: the foodstamp system needs to be re-done. Every day at work I have at least 15-20 customers come through my checkout line, and buy candy, soda, energy drinks, and other non-essentials and then whisper to my that they will be paying with foodstamps like they are embarrassed, as they should be for wasting my taxes. They’re using my taxes to support their bad habits. On top of buying all of that crap, they usually buy cigarettes and alcohol with their cash. Of all of the things that my taxes are wasted on, I’d have to say that this one irritates me the most. There are people who use them responsibly to buy food for their family, and I commend them. They probably genuinely need them, and I’m ok with helping those people. But the people who abuse the system outnumber them at least 4:1. The people that abuse the system you can usually pick out by what they buy, and what they look like right when they come up to the register. They are always dirty, their clothes are full of holes, usually their shirt has either a sports team or a Looney Toons character on it for some reason, missing teeth (more than likely because of drug use), and always smell of onions for whatever reason. Now some of you may be saying “Dylan, that’s stereotyping!” and my response to that is “Stereotypes exist for a reason.”
                I think that in order to be able to qualify for foodstamps, there should be a mandatory drug test every month. Some states are already implementing that, and people are furious.  By people I mean the drug users who abuse my taxes. Along with the drug test, there should be guidelines on what can be bought, like the WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) program. On that, they would only be able to buy he essential foods such as meat, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, eggs, and juices. The need to redo the system is great and I’m sure that a lot of people agree.

Dylan Lewis

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